Top 3 Office Chair Alternatives for Better Back Muscles, Core Strength And Posture

By | February 17, 2015

Do you ever get the feeling that office chairs weren’t actually designed for you? Sure, they hold you in position to do your work, but they can also put incredible strain on your shoulders, lower back and other body parts, leading to long-term pain issues that really derail your life.

If you suffer from back problems, you can get low back pain relief and ease your sore shoulders simply by choosing the right office chair alternative. You may find that the best treatment for back pain involves changing your office furniture, not your exercise equipment or lifestyle habits. Changing your office chair can help you strengthen your back, tighten your core and improve your posture, leading to less pain and ultimately a better life.

Here are the top three office chair alternatives we’ve found that can make a real difference:

1. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Based on how a balance ball can help you strengthen your core during a workout, the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair — available from Amazon — is designed by fitness and health experts and expressly intended to improve the health of back muscles for better overall health. If you have an aching back, sore legs or nerve pain in your arms, this office chair alternative could change your life by allowing you to use your work time for strengthening rather than slouching.
And since the balance ball is removable, you can use it as part of your workout too. An air pump is even included so you can keep the ball properly inflated. Just keep in mind that this balance ball chair for spine health is intended for people who stand 5 feet tall to just under 6 feet tall. Shorter or taller people will need to consider a different kind of back pain relief product for the office.

2. The Jobri Saddle Chair

Designed for maintaining the perfect sitting position to align your shoulders, neck and back and keep your knees lower than your hips, the Jobri Saddle Chair — also available from Amazon — is adjustable for the right height. The force required for forward tilt can also be adjusted, allowing this saddle chair to be used for lower back exercises.
If the balance ball chair seems a little too strange or foreign to you, this could be just what you need. The saddle is more comfortable than it looks and is one of the best ways we’ve found to create alignment that leads to back pain relief. While it’s not right for some heavier people, it can actually accommodate a wide range of people pretty well, making it perhaps the best overall office chair alternative.

3. No Chair At All!

Who says you have to sit down in your office? In some workplaces, the boss may require you to do your work in a sitting position, but if you work at home or in a modern, flexible workplace, you might be able to relieve your back pain by doing some of your work standing up. For that, you’ll need the best adjustable standing desk you can find.

You’ll want a model that allows for complete height adjust-ability — one that can be adjusted easily so you can change it from the sitting to standing position whenever you like. You also need something that’s stable. The cheapest standing desks are flimsy and rickety, not good for serious work. Want to learn more about the best standing desks? We’ve written an entire article about the benefits of a standing desk.
standing desk helps upper back pain
You can conquer your back pain, and changing the way you work may be the biggest single step you can take toward a better life. Isn’t it worth the small investment in a good office chair alternative to put an end to all that pain?

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