Back Pain From Sitting? Explore The Benefits Of A Standing Desk

By | February 17, 2015

Too often, people turn to pills and even surgery to cure their neck, shoulder and back pain when they’re actually causing the discomfort with their actions and activities. When you learn about the benefits of a standing desk, you may realize that changing the way you work can reduce your back pain symptoms.

In fact, when you switch from sitting all day to standing at your best, you can burn more calories, have more energy and get more done while no longer having to deal with discomfort in back.

But not all standing desks are the same.

Considering The Benefits Of A Standing Desk

Back pain sufferers like you can benefit in many ways from switching to a standing desk for at least part of the workday. Even stomach pain, poor digestion and repetitive stress injuries can be brought under control when you work standing up.

Sitting leads to spinal compression as well as compression in the chest and abdomen. Slouching brings your shoulders forward, causes spinal rolling and eventually pain. Over time, this leads to stress injuries, problems with the arms and legs and even pain in the face and jaw.

Standing while you work keeps your core muscles engaged, strengthening them and allowing them to support your body, taking some of the pressure off your spine and your back muscles. You may also find that you focus better when you stand and remain more alert as well. That means you can get more done.

You can release nervous energy better when you stand and keep your blood circulating too. This can improve your metabolism, stabilize your blood sugar and allow you to concentrate better. Plus, there’s no better way to fight afternoon fatigue than by changing to a standing desk. Some research even suggests that people live longer when they stand more.

The Best Standing Desk

There are many standing desks on the market, but to get started you need something that you can use to convert your existing desk into a standing desk. The Varidesk Pro Plus — available from Amazon — sits on your existing desk and is big enough to accommodate two monitors, your keyboard and the other things you’ll need within easy reach.

And in seconds, you can adjust it down to a sitting height so you can work comfortably in whatever desk chair or desk chair alternative you have. It works just as well when lowered as it does when raised. And it’s more stable than some other brands on the market. It even comes assembled, so you can have it out of the box and ready to use in five minutes or less.

If you have foot problems like plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, prolonged standing may prove uncomfortable. Otherwise, you’re sure to feel better than ever.

Most people do best when they combine several hours of standing with a couple hours of sitting to allow muscles to relax. You’ll soon work out a system that works for you, and a standing desk is the piece of equipment you need to make it all possible.

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